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About Franko's!

We are a family-owned, local business dedicated to providing pet grooming at an affordable price for both dogs & cats. We have changed to an appointment only service, due to covid-19 and social distancing restrictions. 

Franko’s Dog (& Cat) Grooming is a shop committed to providing the Vancouver/Portland area with affordable pet grooming. We strive to provide the best experience for your pet, so we always put humanity before vanity!


List of Services

Price Range:

$20-$65: Dog baths
$44-$90: Dog haircuts (bath included)
$45+: Cat baths
$48+: Cat haircuts (bath included)

Prices vary due to the size of your pet, the condition of which they come in, and the styling of haircut you so desire…

*For specific questions, please give us a call or drop by the shop*

All bath and haircut packages include:

-Aromacare or flea shampoo
-Nail Trimming
-Anal gland secretion
-Ear cleaning
-Brush out
-Feet trim up (if needed)
-Flea shampoo/dip (additional $3 charge)


$2: Nail filing
$2: Teeth brushing
$5-$10: De-matting (if possible)
Flea treatment (lasts 1 month)
$75: Teeth scaling (plaque and tartar removal)

Special shampoos:

Hypoallergenic shampoo
Oatmeal-chamomile shampoo
Deodorizing shampoo
Aromacare conditioner
Tea tree oil shampoo
Dandruff shampoo
Medicated Shampoo
De-shedding Shampoo and Conditioner

Please note that as of recently an additional $4-$5 service charge will be added due to increase in operation costs.